Michael Jackson. Chasen Restaurant, 1978


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      Michael Jackson. Chasen Restaurant, 1978

      "One evening back in 1978,  I was with Michael Jackson at the old Chasen's Restaurant at the corner of Dohney and Beverly Blvd. It was some sort of a Gold Record party and the place was mobbed. Michael had enough of the crowd and we headed out to the sidewalk where one or two fans were hanging around. Michael stood next to the wall, took a deep breath, relaxed and I shot some photos. Chasen's has long been torn down and Michael lives on. Today Chasen's is Bristol Farms supermarket. You can go there. You can stand on the sidewalk at the exact location where young Michael once stood so tall and handsome. Better yet, you can own this photograoh and reflect about Michael in his stunning silver sequin shirt."  ~Brad Elterman

      Brad Elterman is a professional photographer from Beverly Hills, California, who addressed the rock 'n' roll lifestyle in Hollywood encompassing pop, punk and rock bands. He started his career at the age of 16 taking and selling a photo of Bob Dylan in concert in 1974. He went on to photograph numerous bands and artists of the 1970s, including the Faces with Rod Stewart, David Bowie, Robert Plant, Sex Pistols, the Runaways, Bebe Buell, Kiss, Queen, Blondie, the Ramones, Bay City Rollers, ABBA, Boney M, Kenny Rogers, The Who, Leif Garrett, Michael Jackson, among others. Some of the magazines, newspapers and other publications that he contributed to include Creem, Circus, Rolling Stone, People, Hit Parader, New York Post, National Enquirer, "New Musical Express", and Melody Maker.

      Limited Edition
      Archival Semi-Matte 260gsm
      Hand Signed and Numbered on verso by Brad Elterman

      Other sizes available upon request. Email us at info@lamaisonrebelle.com
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