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  • Kim Keever

    Kim Keever

    LMR:  Your career began in New York City in the 80’s, which was quite a vibrant scene. How did this shape you as an artist?     

    KK:  I had come from Virginia having gone to college there. I was a local artist in Norfolk Virginia and I knew I had to come to New York. It was a really interesting time in the 80s. Little galleries continued to open, paying rent as low as $75 a month. Artists were getting their first solo shows ever. I jumped right in. I was often in several group shows in one night with several more in the same week. I also did solo shows from time to time. Some of the clubs, mainly in Chelsea, were doing group shows week after week. It was a totally “other” scene from what was going on in Soho, which was, at the time, the main gallery scene for young artists. I had already had some experience as an artist so I continued with the figure in the landscape paintings I had been making. Most of the artists were younger than me so I was somewhat of an outsider but I was always around and I enjoyed being in all the group shows. An article even came out in the East Village Eye mentioning myself, Rick Prol and Mark Kostabi as the artists who were in the most group shows.

    LMR:  You have a background in engineering and worked for NASA.  How did this influence
    your work?  

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