Color Therapy Sunglasses


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      Color Therapy Sunglasses

      Get balanced with our chromotherapy sunglasses. 

      Green brings peace, rest, hope, comfort, calmness, harmony, balance, peace, stress reduction, self control and hope. It cures hormonal imbalances. Stimulates growth hormone and rejuvenation. Green has a healing effect on kidneys. Increases immunity. Builds up muscles, bones and tissues. Increases fertility, growth, rejuvenation, recovering, abundance and prosperity.

      Blue suggests spirituality and order. Mental relaxation, peace, calmness, vitality, creativity and clear communication. Blue symbolizes sensitivity, loyalty, and integrity. It is the color of the throat chakra, the center of language, communication, and personal expression. When the throat chakra is in balance, we are better able to perceive and express the truth, and manifesting our ideas becomes easier. We are more confident speakers, and our ideas are heard more readily. Blue can help us to develop flowing, easy expression.

      Violet is very antiseptic, cleansing, and purifying on physical and spiritual levels. It brings spiritual insights and renewal and helps balance the physical and spiritual energies. Violet can also stimulate inspiration and humility, assist dream activity and soothe mental and emotional stress. It is associated with psychic abilities, divination, counter-acting negativity / black magick, reversing curses, psychic healing, psychic power, inspiration, meditation, spirituality, spiritual power, astral projection, third eye, compassion, counter-acting depression. 

      Magenta is the color of the free-spirit and non-conformist. It has a strong energy and encourages personal power, passion, energy and self-realization. It influences spiritual development and enhances our intuition and psychic abilities and also inspires happiness and vitality. It can be used to soothe feelings of frustration and/or anger as it lifts the spirits and dispels sadness and unhappiness. Magenta relates to strong yet controlled emotions and passions. It is bridge that connects us to what it is like to exist out of our physical bodies as pure Spirit. Magenta is the combination of red and violet therefore completing the circuit of colors, being simultaneously the beginning and end of all the chakras. 

      Red is a stimulating color. It is the last color of visible spectrum and will energize the base chakra. It warms and it activates, igniting and stimulating. It awakens our physical life force. Red strengthens the physical energy and the will of the individual. It can stimulate deeper passions, such as sex and love, courage, or hatred and revenge. Red can be used to raise the body's temperature and to energize the blood and increase the rate of breathing. 

      Orange links very strongly with the sacral chakra and represents the warmth of the fire. It shows new possibilities and other options in life. Stimulates creative thinking and enthusiasm, and helps assimilate new ideas. It is also helpful in dealing with excess sexual expression. It is freeing upon the body and mind, relieving repressions. Orange stimulates the lungs, the respiration and the digestion. Increases the activity of the thyroid. Relieves muscle cramps and spasms. It brings great abundance, success, comfort, attraction, charm and enjoyment of the senses.


      • Style: Round
      • Lenses Optical Attribute: Photochromic,UV400
      • Frame Material: Acetate
      • Lenses Material: Polycarbonate
      • Lens Height: 53 mm
      • Lens Width: 60 mm


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