• Courtney Taylor-Taylor of The Dandy Warhols

    Photo by Scott Green

    LMR:  You originated in the mid 90’s when hip-hop and grunge were a major influence in music, yet you have a very original sound.  What inspired you at the time?

    C.TT:  Not being good enough players to imitate anyone was huge part of it.  I had gone to music school for composition as well as recording school so I knew that music wasn't about being tricky and i knew how to get it to sound cool in recordings. That was enough.  Mazzy Star and Spiritualized were the best of the lot at the time and we were also on a VU and T-Rex jag during those years so I guess that pretty much encapsulates The Dandy’s sound.

    LMR:  You have released 10 albums. Is there one you are most proud of?

    C.TT:  Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia and Welcome to the Monkey House changed popular culture, which I’m of course very proud of although they are not my two favorite of our records. Currently I’m listening to Earth to The Dandy Warhols and Distortland the most.  To be around as long as we have and still make records that cool is quite a feat in itself. 

  • The Legendary Mick Rock


    Anton: Hello is this Mick?

    Mick: This is Mick. Is this Anton?

    Anton: Yeah it’s been quite awhile; it’s been since the 90’s actually.

    Mick: Yeah must have been the late 90’s after my heart bypass surgery in ’96, around ‘98.

    Anton: 13 books. Am I correct you have 13 books out?

    Mick: I think that’s what it is if I add them up. Yeah, obviously the latest one is this Bowie book I did with Taschen and David signed a limited edition and, of course, not long afterwards he died, unfortunately. The same thing happened with Lou Reed, about when was it, 3 years ago I did a beautiful book with a company called Genesis Publications and we actually went around and did some promotions together. It was 3 or 4 months after that he died. I’m not taking the blame for the deaths of any of my friends but never the less a bit spooky.

    Anton: Right. Yeah. It’s been a rough year, or for quite awhile. I mean I knew that would happen when I was a little kid watching the old classic cartoons it dawned on me, like wow all these iconic people in the bugs bunny cartoons, these movie stars, I’m gonna live longer than them. This is weird you know but it’s part of life.

    Mick: Well you’re in good shape love.


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